The final for this class is finito.  Let’s hear it…aahhh.  I going to let it sit for a few hours and reread it for last minute spelling mistakes before I submit it, but it is done.  I could not be happier about my two week break.  I don’t want to even look at one school book during that time.

To give an update on my wagon status, I’m not necessarily back on but I’m close.  I haven’t hurt myself since Thursday and haven’t even really wanted to.  I’ve thought about it, but it hasn’t felt necessary.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say I’m starting my countdown over yet because I’m pretty sure I’ll have some more moments, but I hopeful that it’s passing.  On a side note, DH hasn’t brought it up once since I called and spilled my beans.  You’d think that’d be something you’d check up on if you knew of someone at risk.  Hmm…  I’ll hold my opinion, but seriously…come on.

Lastly, I checked Mark Hoppus’ site yesterday and saw that tour dates for this summer’s Blink 182 tour are up.  In all the traveling I’m doing this summer, I’m not going to be near any of these shows when they’re playing.  Major bummer.  It’s a cruel, cruel world.


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