Bed vs. Couch

Post Secret is this really cool project started by a guy in Maryland.  People anonymously send him decorated postcards with their secrets on them.  He’s turned it into an art project and a vehicle to raise money for suicide prevention.  You can read more about the project, it’s founder, Frank Warren, and the speaking/art exhibit tour schedule here.  Every Sunday new secrets are posted here.

I was checking the website like I do every week.  When I got to this postcard, I froze.



This is true for me.

Initially it made me feel sad because I need my therapists to function on a daily basis and my husband cannot provide this sort of help for me on his own.  But it also made me feel special and lovey.  I do need my therapists, but I wouldn’t trade all the conversations or sessions with them for one moment with my lover.  I sometimes need my therapists to feel understood, but making love with my DH makes me feel connected and wanted and important in a way that nothing else could.  That postcard makes me feel proud too.  My DH can do anything.

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