Quick Update on the Mini Vacation

The mini vacation isn’t going quite like I thought it would.  My severe allergy attack turned into a raging cold.  I think my system was overwhelmed from the allergies and couldn’t protect itself.  I tend to catch everything that comes around anyway, but it doesn’t make it any more fun.  Because of a heart condition, I can’t take the majority of over the counter cold medicine either.  The whole thing makes fairly simple colds just plain miserable.  So instead of piddling with homework and being out on the town while DH is working during the day, I’m in bed nursing my aching bones and coughing all over everything.  I even brought my gym shoes but there’s no way that’s going to be happening.

Speaking of DH working, he has to report at 0220 tomorrow.  Yuck.  His hours have been really erratic this week, but this if by far the most painful.  Thank goodness he’s the one that has to do it because I don’t think I could be functional.  He didn’t get home tonight until after 1900.  So I’m not really seeing much of him, and I’m not really very fun to be around right now anyway.  Right now it looks like the vacation part of this trip is turning out to be a bust.


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