Mini Vacation

Yes, I know it has been quite a few days, but I’ve been busy.  Honest!

I had a paper due for class.  It’s one of the last assignments and it comes at a horribly busy time with everything else that I’m doing to wrap up.  It’s never fun.  I think I did well on it though.  Hopefully better than I did on the last one.  I should be finding out in a day or two, so we’ll see.

DH finished his training and had four days of leave.  He came out to visit last Friday, another reason I was feeling rushed about the paper.  I hardly do any work with him around, so I wanted to get as much done as possible beforehand.  We had a great weekend.  We went to a state park on Saturday that has a lots of trails along a major river.  I called DH a billy goat because I think he spent more time climbing the rocks over the river than he did on the main path.  It was (and still is) unseasonably hot, so that took a little wind out of our sails.

Sunday was Shakespeare’s birthday celebration!  It was really hot, so we didn’t stay the whole day, but it was really fun.  It’s at the Folger Shakespeare Library.  They have a fabulous reading room with the largest collection of original Shakespearean works and an elaborate stained glass window.  Gorgeous.  It’s only open to approved Ph.D. students for research except every year on Shakespeare’s birthday.  I’ve been dying to go but have never had the chance.  I made it this year.  There was a lot of stuff to do for kids–drawing, scavenger hunt (which I did even though I was a bit too old), quill making, paper pressing, costumes, skits, and medieval sword play.  Plus there was plays in the theater, the gardens to meander through, and the two reading rooms were open as well as the museum hall.  There was food and music and all the actors from the theater were wandering around in full costume all day.  There was even birthday cake!  It’s a shame it was so stinkin’ hot, but it was very cool even so.  I highly recommend it if you’re around next year on April 26.

DH had to report to his final training on today, Tuesday.  I planned a little mini vacation for myself.  I drove out to his reporting station with him and planned to stay the week.  I was going to piddle with homework while he was busy, and in the evenings we could explore the area.  I had made billeting reservations over a week ago because there’s a huge event in the local area, and I knew hotel rooms would be scarce.  We got here and his and my reservations had been canceled and his reporting time moved until the 14th of May.  I should know better.  I should expect this stuff.  I know that, but I was so upset.  It might have been the day and a half stuck in a car or the fact that pollen has exploded since the weather’s been so hot and my allergies have gone haywire.  The 14th is three weeks away.  That’s three extra weeks of leave where we could have stayed at my house instead of the flea bag motel they put us in because it’s the only thing under the government per diem rate.  That’s three weeks of restaurant meals.  It’s so frustrating.  It only takes a phone call, but the military seems to boycott those sorts of courtesies.  I swear, one day I will be in a place where things like that won’t sent me into instant fury.  It’s just that it’s Every.  Single.  Time.  I’m just glad we don’t have kids to be shuffling while all this is going on.

So here I sit, lached onto my Kleenex box for dear life.  I’m itchy and snotty because of these allergies, but I will enjoy my mini vacation.


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