If I expected these waves, I would have learned to surf

As you can tell I’m trying to post more often.  When I started this blog, this is more how I envisioned it going, only maybe with slightly more exciting commentary, but I underestimated how busy I was at the time.  Live and learn I guess.

Lately, probably for the last week or so, my emotions have been yo-yoing like crazy.  I’m not quite sure what’s up.  My increase in gym time has definitely reduced the extremes of my emotional changes.  I still fluctuate, but the peaks and valleys haven’t been as drastic.  In the past, the space and time between the spikes might have been high, but they weren’t close together, relatively speaking.  (Writing that gives me horrible flashbacks of middle school science class and learning about wavelengths.  Yikes!)  This past week they’ve been sudden and often, like several times a day.  I don’t know what my deal is.  It’s not fun at all.  Nothing changed in my routine to bring this on, but once it was here, my eating has gotten out of whack, my sleeping schedule is getting worse, and my motivation for even daily, petty things is erratic to say the least.  I’ve been bouncing between begging for help and ignoring all contact with people.  The emotional swings are exhausting.  Hopefully it levels out or I can get to the bottom of it soon.

Other than that, I don’t have much.  My class is in the last few weeks, so it’s work, work, work.  I bought some lingerie in anticipation of DH’s training break coming up.  It came in the mail this past weekend, but it’s too big.  Boo.  It’s hard to find that stuff for smaller people.  For some reason designers must think all women are built like Hef’s Girls Next Door–small everywhere but the boobulous region.  I was motivated to alter it this week in my free time, but now I’m not feeling it so much.  Maybe I’ll scrap the idea all together.  I think I’d be more disappointed in myself about not getting it done than DH would be.  Guys don’t really care about the frilly outer garments.  They’re all for the ladies to feel cute.  On second thought, maybe a mental vacation weekend where I feel pretty and special and loved is exactly what I need.


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