Sigh…Over Too Soon

DH has come and gone already.  It was an extremely short weekend that attempted to recharge both our batteries.  I don’t know if we quite got there.  Just too much we wanted to do and not enough quiet time.  Easter dinner turned out great; the peach pie was my personal favorite, but it was all delicious.  I made sure to grab on of DH’s t-shirts.  It’s one of the best medicines for a lonely night.

I found it ironic that I’ve been tossing and turning most nights because the bed feels too empty, but once DH finally got here, I wasn’t used to such a blanket hog!  Ha ha ha, I grumbled both nights he was here.  I’m pretty sure if he stayed just one more night, I would have remembered our routine.  My body’s so confused!

DH has two weeks left of his current training.  He’s going to try and swing through afterward because he’s got three or four days off.  We tentatively planned on me going out with him for the second round of training for a week or so.  Long car drives are just better with two people.  I’m needing a change of scenery on top of it, and it might be a long summer apart if he can’t get leave.

I’m just bored.  I looked into volunteering today.  Many of the local places require several sessions of training and long time committments though.  Plus I have the the reaccuring transportation issue.  Sigh, if only this would go faster.


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