Love According to Journey

My DH is coming tomorrow!!  I’m so excited.  He’s flying in just for the long weekend.  I get the jitters every time this happens.  I’m always so nervous  no matter how long he’s been gone.  It’s silly, I know, because I have nothing to worry about.  And I’m not even sure what I’m nervous about.  How much can I really change in a month?  It takes us about ten minutes to fall into the old, comfortable routine, but we’ve been lucky so far and he hasn’t had to be deployed yet.  It’s quickly approaching, and I already worry about how we’re going to interact when he comes home from that.  Sorry…getting off track.

So, yeah, he’s getting here tomorrow, and I’ve very, very, very excited.  I’m not going to beat around the bush, it’s the honeymoon phase that I love so much.  If you’re looking for a silver lining about frequent absences, that’s certainly one of them!  In my opinion, it keeps the spark there.  I haven’t exactly been married for a long time, but it doesn’t take twenty years of marriage for two people to fall into a routine that gets more automatic than romantic.  These short interludes of cheesy, sloppy, high school giddiness in a relationship are a nice refresher.  I was rocking out to Journey at the gym tonight (Hey, don’t judge!  The tempo is a great motivator on the treadmill.), and their song “Faithfully” really says it all.  “Two strangers learn to fall in love again/ I get the joy/ Of rediscovering you…”  I know it’s odd, but I do feel really lucky that I get to do that rather frequently in my relationship.  It’s the part of a relationship that people always miss and hop from person to person trying to keep.  I get to keep the best person in the world, the one that’s completely perfect for me, AND I get to replay the beginning giggles and head-over-heels infatuation part of our courtship over and over again.

Maybe they should put that in a recruiting brochure instead of marketing the job skills and college money angle. 😉

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