Washington Post article

There was an article in the Style section of the Washington Post today.  I tried linking to it, but you have to have a membership to the Post’s online edition, and frankly, I don’t need one, so you’re going to get my version.  It’s about the end of the Guerilla Queer Bar movement, which was created by a group from Washington, D.C.’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) community.  Once a month or so, this group “liberated” a straight bar somewhere in the city.  Seeking more to unify rather than protest, the peaceful group sought a good time around the city regardless of sexual orientation.  The article states that in the five years since it started, Guerrilla has crashed 43 different straight bars in the local area.  The founders are ending the successful event because they’re just getting older, in committed relationships, and too busy with life, family, and work to organize the event regularly.  Instead of passing the torch to someone else, the chose to go out on top and let the movement start up again spontaneously in the future.  Their motto was “We’re here!  We’re queer!  We want a beer!”

I’ve never participated in or even heard of the Guerillas until I read the article in the paper this afternoon, but I was oddly saddened at the ending.  It sounded like such a pure, fun event with the most genuine of intentions.  I loved the spontaneity of crashing an unsuspecting establishment and how by the end of the night it didn’t really matter anymore.  People seemed like they were enjoying themselves and the company without limitations.

I wish I had been able to experience the Guerilla Queer Bar movement.  I wish I could have felt as included as the participants did.  I wish I could have enjoyed the sense of abandon that a really good night with great people creates.  And I wish I had known what it was like to be part of something bigger and meaningful like the Guerilla’s were.  I find it odd that I’m so sad about it, but the feeling of an end is quite strong.  Hmm…

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