Do professors know anything?

Is disliking your professor inevitable at any stage of education?  Grr… I got my paper back today, and I’m not happy with the comments the professor left on it.

It’s not really the professor, it’s the nature of online programs.  Since I’m not in a physical class, face to face with my professor, it’s hard to build a relationship.  They really don’t know mystyle, strengths, or personal voice.  With the particular online format that I’m using, I just log on and post, similar to the blog atmosphere, answers to several weekly questions related to the reading.  I have to respond to several other people’s answers, and at three points during the class I have to write papers.  Simple.  No tests.  Fairly structured to keep me on task, but a lot of freedom to work around myschedule.  Seems great.  BUT…when it comes time for grading, all the professor has to go on is the uploaded document I wrote.  There’s no wandering into the professor’s office to justify your words, support your argument, or contest an unfairly or uninformed mark.  That bugs me.  Maybe most people could care less, but I’m invested in this!  I pay a lot of money, spend crazy amounts of time and energy working on it, and I want to feel like I’m understood.  If I deserve the grade, fine.  But I don’t want any grade, good or bad, if it’s based on a misinterpreation of my thoughts.  Technically I can correspond via email with the professor, but I have found that to be frustrating and slow.  It sometimes takes days to get responses back, and several times my question is not answered at all.  Grr…

I think I’m ready to be done with this.  A year and a half didn’t seem that long when I signed up, but I think my brain may be reaching it’s overfull point.  Seeing as how this was not my first choice of a Masters program, my patience occastionally runs quite thin with the quirks that it presents.  Deep breaths… I’ve only got to make it until November.


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