Military libraries and those that love them

The mental gravity of being apart from DH and being away from my home for such a long time is finally catching up with me.  I’ve been rather sluggish and tired.  It’s so hard to get motivated for even a daily routine.  I have some ideas about ways to combat this, but I’m not in the mood to sort them out today.

I did want to mention a really cool blog I just found.  Forget Google searching, the best place I have found for good blogs is either indexes or favorited links from other people’s blogs.  I’ve been slowly trying to amass a small list myself, but I’m rather picky.  That was one reason I was so excited to find Nomad Librarian.  She’s a military spouse but also sound like a very fun, passionate librarian.  I follow several blogs by librarians but haven’t yet added them to my links list (so don’t go looking).  To find one that also grumbles about military life is such a treat!

To explain my passion for libraries, outside my intense love for books, you’ll need a little background info.  As my undergraduate graduation was approaching, I decided that I wanted to work in museums and/or libraries with my history degree.  I always loved both and set my sights on eventually working in one as a career goal.  My university was just opening up a brand new building for the university museum, so I volunteered there.  I figured it was the one of the few ways I could be proactive about getting into the field.  I volunteered  at a great time; they needed a lot of help, and I got to learn a lot more than I would have otherwise.

After graduation I got an exciting opportunity to be an intern at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done!  I actually got to pick whether I worked as a museum tech intern or an archives intern.  I chose to work in the archives because I thought it would help me learn another set of skills since I had some museum ones already.  It’s so cool to go the website and recognize the people!  It was a great experience.  I would totally recommend interning there.  They have a great program set up that really encourages learning as much as possible not only about the department you are working in but the whole Smithsonian organization.

I had just gotten married to DH before graduation, but he had a year left of school, so I had to find a decent job to support us both while he focused on school.  I got lucky and was hired at my university’s archives and museum (two different departments).  It was a very tricky job, but I learned so much and got to do everything I love.  I got to help visitors with their research using objects, rare books, or archival documents.  It was so much fun and I love and miss my coworkers tons.  I had to quit that job once DH was commissioned and we had to PCS.  As anyone in the field can tell you, even though archives or libraries and museums seem alike, they are not.  School for both are radically different.  You kind of have to commit to one or the other, which made me so lucky to get to do both at once.  I still can’t decide, since I had such a great time doing both.  Finding a kindred spirit in Nomad Librarian was such a lovely surprise.  Maybe we’ll run into each other in our military travels one day.  I’ll certainly be following hers for as long as she’s willing to share.


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