Move update

I wanted to post a quick update on the status of our whereabouts.  Hopefully things will slow down and I can get back to normal communication now, but I make no promises.  Not after the doozy we just had…
So, moving day was supposed to be last Thursday.  I procrastinated on the packing until the very last minute, but if you had seen the state of our little one bedroom apartment, you’d understand.  We were eating off plastic flatware still.  Anyway, I had my last day of work and we celebrated DH’s dad’s 50th birthday.  A lot of his family flew in for the event, so that occupied our time right up until moving day.  We finally made it to a transportation briefing to find out how our stuff is getting from our original location where DH commissioned to our new station.  I frantically packed up on Wednesday.  Half of the apartment was going to stay in DHs parents’ garage and the other half was going to stay in the trunk of the car.  Yes, I am actively trying to see how many states I can spread my household goods over.  🙂  I packed up the car Wednesday night with stuff to take across town to the in-laws’, and we did the last minute errands like the bank and post office.  The original plan for Thursday morning included a quick trip to the in-laws’ garage, returning keys to the landlord, repacking the car, and driving by 10 am.
If only it had been so smooth.  DH had to report early Thursday morning to get his official release.  When he showed up, things were delayed and permission had to be gotten from the Colonel…who was at a school in another state.  DH eventually gave up and came home to wait.  Around noon the call came.  Denied.  We were stunned and hurt.  And sitting in a mostly empty apartment.  We curled up and moped for the rest of the afternoon.  We had canceled our electricity and our lease, so we had to undo all of that.  Around 4:30 I was hungry enough to wonder how I was supposed to cook supper with no food when we got another call.  A very long explanation later…DH’s orders were back on.
I was pissed more than everything else, but we went into hyper drive.  It took us less than two hours to get everything done and be on the road out of town.  Our landlord was so confused by that point!  I had found a major airport near where DH had to report.  I wanted to keep him company on the drive, and we got to spend a little quiet time before we had to say goodbye.  We got to there Friday night and stayed in a hotel with an absolutely beautiful view of the downtown.  It was two days before my two year anniversary and we were saying goodbye for nine months.  I’ll probably never stay in such a fancy place again, but it was a great way to splurg  some of my tax refund!  I flew to my parents’ the next morning, and DH reported for training.
We’re both where we planned on being, but man, was it hard getting here!  I need a vacation from the military for awhile.  I’m still wrestling with the transportation people.  No one wants to claim us and schedule a truck.  Sometime this summer I will officially move our stuff though.  I’ve got nothing but time at this point.
On a personal note, it’s so lonely!  I never get used to the time apart, and I miss my house.  I’m over halfway done with school, and it’s keeping me plenty busy, but military history isn’t quite titillating enough to fill the void.  I know…shocker, right?  I’m hoping that this crappy feeling gets over sooner rather than later.  No matter how many times I do it, it still sucks.  I’ll fill in the gaps later and post something about the emotional roller coaster this move was, but for now this will have to do.


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