If only someone else would take over this to-do list

Well, we’re supposed to be leaving on Thursday, pushed from Wednesday, and I haven’t really done much besides whittle down the stuff in the fridge.  I’m so unmotivated, and DH is being completely unhelpful.  I’m tired of doing this too, but this being the third move in four months does not mean I’ve gotten any better at it.  I have had IBS since I was a little kid, and unfortunately it’s acting up right now too.  Perhaps it’s the stress.  So that’s been keeping me rather sedintary as well.

I’m dreading calling the utilities company the most.  They’re notorious for keeping customers on hold for hours without service.  My other big to-do items (besides packing) are hitting the post office, making it to a transportation meeting on post…only held at 7 a.m. of course….and picking up all the miscellaneous items that DH needs for his packing list.  It’s going to be a busy couple of days.

Most of our household goods are in storage.  When we found out we were moving here, we quickly picked the bare minimum items that would fit in our car to live with until his training was finished and we moved back into a normal house at our final location.  So currently I can only very sparsely furnish a one bedroom apartment and am sick of the two suitcases worth of clothes that I brought.  Now with this newest hiccup, I have to somehow pare down further.  Looks like it’s me, my laptop, and just one suitcase worth of clothes for the next nine months.  The rest will be in storage here I suppose.  DH is lacking for ideas on what to do with the extra stuff, and somehow it’s mulitplied and will no longer fit in our car.  With the prospect of our stuff being spread over several states and time zones, I’m starting to think this whole moving thing will never get any easier.

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