Hello world!

Hello everyone,

This is the first of what I hope to be many (and consistent) posts.  The about page sums up what I hope to accomplish here and gives a little background info, so I’m not going to waste too much time on that now.  Quite frankly, I don’t have the time.  I’m in the process of moving.  If it sounds like I’m jumping in mid-stream, that’s how I feel.  Dear Husband (DH from here on out), is newly commissioned in the military, so he still has a lot of training to do before he’s officially “in.”  That being said, he’s prior enlisted, and when his training dates were over 10 months away from when he commissioned, he looked for a unit that would take him early.  Hence the first move of our military career halfway across the country last Thanksgiving.  We had ten days to quit our jobs, pack up, and drive over 3,000 miles.  So, to sum up, DH is working on active duty at a job that’s not his official one while he waits for the training for his real job to start.

We found an apartment and moved in, all over the holidays, and I found a job close by.  Then last week DH got new orders saying his training was pushed up to the first week in March.  Two and a half weeks notice to repack, re-quit another job, and drive back the direction we came from.  Two homes in two states in less than four months.  Oh I’m thrilled.  It’s not that I mind, it’s just so soon!  I was really starting to like the people I work with, starting to decorate, and filling up my cupboards again.  Arg.

Another reason I’m less than thrilled is that I’m kind of in limbo for the next nine months until DH is finished.  He has several training locations, so I don’t want to follow him and keep moving every few months.  I can’t quite go to our final duty station and wait for him just yet either.  My solution is to travel and family hop for awhile.  I’m not really looking forward to living out of suitcase for that long, but I have little choice right now.  To make matters worse I’m on the downhill side of my Masters degree.  I have to start working on my huge final thesis shortly.  That’s on top of my usual coursework.  I just seems daunting.  The degree is an online program, so I can travel without worrying about being physically present for class, but that doesn’t help me when I need to spend days upon days in a dusty archive researching.  (That’s actually a misnomer…I have worked in several archives before and they are far from dusty.  Because I’m such a nerd I needed to point that out.)

This is going to be no fun.  At least you get to start at the beginning with me. J


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